My Hair Story: Journey From Natural to Relaxed and Back to Natural

“You should relax your hair,” curtly cautioned a member of the family. “It’s time now” she continued. Perfect- As if it wasn’t tough enough being a youngster, especially for someone with my diploma of gaucheness (at that time). Just one more issue to fear about- begin being self-aware of my natural hair. Her doctrine changed into that my natural hair did not appearance presentable and did not enhance my look as an emerging woman. Of route I complied with this injunction, how dare would I posit my opinion to an older grownup? Not to say that at that time, the mid ninety’s were the heyday for relaxers and perms. For many, chemically altering the hair turned into nearly like a rite of passage into youth.

So sure, I acquiesced, and almost polvere per capelli straight away, I got my first dose of “creamy crack.” I turned into greeted with a slew of reactions, from startling seems to compliments and instantly-up blank stares. How do I own and include my new appearance? Will I ever develop into it? Admittedly, it did take some time for me to get conversant in my everyday doses of “creamy crack” every 6 -12 weeks. This turned into exacerbated by using regular publicity to high temperatures, disguised as a hooded hair dryer, together with large plastic rollers (new hair styling gear that I’d ought to get used to). But the end result was all well worth it- immediately, slick, brilliant, and plausible hair… Or so I notion. It took me a while to find out how brainwashed and delusional I was. You stay and also you examine, and information is power. The query is, “When might I collect the expertise that might subsequently free up me from the outside pressures that sinfully desecrated my fragile mind?”

I soon forgot how my herbal hair appeared or felt. The curls and coils of my herbal hair fibers had been as distant and vague as an unexplored galactic frame. There became a fee to pay for the cruel chemical treatment that my strands were subjected to. For one component, I suffered from extreme hair damage which protected breakage, dry and brittle hair, break up ends, and worst of all, ALOPECIA (hair loss). The sight of my naked edges evoked intense emotion. Was I going bald? No, I’m no longer prepared for that. In reality, I’ll by no means be equipped to face that.

Making lemonade from lemons…

So I big-chopped. I felt this become my last hotel to counteract the nightmare from the creamy crack. I have not visible my hair in its herbal country for at least 14 years, and what a shocker it turned into! I was unfamiliar with its texture, and I determined it extraordinarily difficult to control although it turned into quite brief. I then became to YouTube and different on-line sources for help. Since my hair became at the coarser quit of the hair spectrum, I decided to lock it because it appeared to be naturally decided on for locking. I kicked my “Rasta” vibrational energy into excessive tools, and right away, felt like a new member of the Bob Marley clan of their early tiers. I commenced with strand twists which sooner or later converted into tiny adorable dreadlocks.

But this would simplest be ephemeral. I saved my locks for a yr before tackling the painstaking assignment of for my part unlocking over 2 hundred dreads. It took multiple days to complete this laborious challenge with the assist of moisturizers and conditioners. Inevitably, there was substantial hair loss with this technique. I was now “au naturel” and became confronted with dealing with hair that become unusual albeit being part of my soul and genetic code all along. I stored my wigs near; I lacked staying power and didn’t have the time to fight with my strands once they failed to conform to my meant styling goals.

Natural Hair Journey: Highs and Lows

I’ll be less than honest if I have been to say that my Natural Hair Journey has been “a breeze” with natural joyous moments for so long as I’ve reverted to this country. My journey has been orchestrated with intervals of high factors and moments of rock backside self-epiphany.