Stair Lifts – Benefits and Features

This article offers a quick assessment of the benefits that stair lifts can confer on their users. Stair lifts, in numerous forms had been round for many years; King Henry the Eighth became idea to be a consumer and there may be some proof for human and animal powered hoists being hired in a comparable capability from the third century BC.

Independence & Choice

The apparent gain of stair lifts is to get a passenger up and down stairs. Beyond this in simple terms bodily benefit is their capability to provide their customers freedom and preference, the freedom to move round their current home and make a move away useless, and the selection to stay of their home or one in all their choosing.

People who broaden mobility problems have frequently had to circulate far from their existing home as the steps have grow to be too tough to climb or had their choice of new domestic severely constrained to one testimonies buildings. A well tailor-made stair raise solution can supply this choice lower back. You are now not faced with a circulate far from familiarity, friends and own family or a discounted list of housing alternatives.

Stair lifts additionally provide a benefit to the household of the user – peace of mind. They are extremely good health and safety gadgets, thoroughly transporting a passenger up and down the stair with out incident.

Many users of lifts can pass round their domestic with relative ease however, worryingly for spouse and children, locate the steps just that bit greater hard. In older houses stairs can be narrower and steeper offing additional demanding situations to human beings with mobility troubles and once more, extra issues for involved loved ones. A well mounted, well maintained carry can provide the guarantee that a relative can take the steps effectively, whenever.


But how do stair lifts work and what features can you expect to discover on one? Features obviously vary among fashions and manufacturers, but here is a basic run-down of a number of the maximum beneficial ones you can be looking for.

Firstly, a stair or chair lifts are very versatile and may be fitted onto any staircase, whether or not it is immediately, curved, spiral or maybe outside. A stairlift, inside the most simple phrases, is sincerely a chair that runs on a song, exactly following the line of the stairs.

Stairlifts are powered by means of electricity. Many fashions nowadays come outfitted with a battery back-up this is on non-stop price. This way that the stair lift may be used even in a electricity reduce. Although energy-cuts are not not unusual occurrences, for stair elevate customers the capacity to rise up the steps isn’t some thing you can do without. Bathrooms and bedrooms are regularly located upstairs and any interruption in the electricity can lead to an uncomfortable wait for the person.

A hand manipulate, integral joystick or buttons are used to move the raise up and down the stairs. If for some reason you aren’t on the same degree as the raise – it could be known as the usage of controls at either the pinnacle or backside of the staircase – a exquisite function to ensure you can in no way be stranded.

A similarly safety function available on some stair lift fashions is the swivel chair. While the stair carry is moving up and down the stairs, it faces without delay away from the wall. When the consumer is getting on or off the chair, it turns ninety degrees and locks, in order that the individual can effectively dismount, facing far from the stairs.

Seat belts are also covered, which can be crucial for safety, and often a sensor that detects gadgets within the path of the stair lift. Many lifts have up to 6 sensors to choose up items that block the manner and save you damage to the carriage. Sensors also are available that limit the rate of the stairlift and ensure a smooth journey. The ride will fluctuate from version to version, so strive a few out to discover which suits you excellent.

Another critical feature to look for is a lockout switch that prevents it being operated by means of absolutely everyone who isn’t always supposed to. A stair lift can be a tantalizing prospect for a young child and this mechanism guarantees they can not perform it and potentially harm themselves.

Look additionally for lifts working on 24 volts DC, which means that there is no worry over electric powered shocks.

Which Stairlift?

Now you already know a bit approximately the capabilities Trappor to be had you could start searching at one of a kind fashions. The internet is a super vicinity to begin. You will discover comprehensive statistics on version functions on maximum producer websites.

So, which model of stair lift ought to you select? To offer a quick evaluation – stair lift models commonly fall into two huge classes, directly and curved. Straight fashions are made for stairs and not using a bends or 1/2-landings. They are typically a lot easier to put in and fee much less than curved editions.

If your staircase has bends, corners or half of-landings, you will need a curved stairlift. Your stairlift rails will need to be custom-constructed to make certain a good healthy to your stairs. This level of customization way that curved fashions are more pricey to buy.

Reconditioned models may be a less expensive opportunity to new stair lifts but might not incorporate all the features of the brand new variations. Re-conditioned fashions are absolutely refurbished used lifts and as a result may not be as function-packed as completely new fashions. Just ask the producer for a complete characteristic listing.

I desire this brief overview of the benefits and features of stair lifts has been a useful start line. For greater records on stair carry models please go to the United Kingdom Stairlifts website.